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Why People Matter

Updated: Feb 13

BryMar CPA LLP, recognizes that the true heroes are their clients - individuals and organizations that are making a positive impact in the world. Specializing in audit and attest services for nonprofits, private foundations, and privately held companies, the BryMar team is continuously inspired by their client's passion and dedication to making an impact.  

For over two decades, BryMar partners, Michael Bryant and Sandy Martinez, have dedicated their careers to helping nonprofits, private foundations, and privately held companies improve their processes and procedures through audit and attest services.  The firm offers its clients a collaborative partnership approach that is guided by the firm's core values of openness and honesty, adhering to strict timelines, positive environment, work hard, play hard, and being financially responsible.  

“At the heart of it all people matter, from the clients we serve to the clients they serve. That is why we take a collaborative client-centric approach. We want to see our clients exceed their expectations and make the biggest impact they can.” Says BryMar CPA, LLP managing partner, Michael Bryant.  

BryMar is known for making audits simple and fun. A testament to their commitment is the decade-long partnerships they have with many of their clients. One Half Moon Bay, California client welcomes the audit team with a smile and a hug every year at the beginning of their audit.   

On the website, the firm states it is their goal to assist their clients in maintaining financial integrity, adhere to compliance standards of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), ultimately instilling greater trust in the communities their clients serve.  Operating as independent auditors, they discuss findings with their clients - identify ways for their clients to improve operations, make accounting functions more effective and efficient, identify weaknesses and recommending remedies, and ensuring they are compliant with regulations.  

BryMar CPA, LLP was founded on August 1, 2023, with the dream of creating an accounting firm that adheres to its core values, delivers exceptional audit and attest services to nonprofits, private foundations, and privately held companies, and highly values its team members.    

Partners Michael Bryant and Sandy Martinez boast a combined audit and attest experience of over four decades, making an impressive mark in the Bay Area and beyond. Before BryMar took center stage, Michael spent 12 years as a partner in a Bay Area firm, embarking on his auditing journey in 1998. Sandy, a senior manager at the same firm for six years, entered the auditing realm in 1999. The team includes audit staff, seniors, managers, project managers and a chief marketing officer - some of whom have shared the journey with Michael and Sandy for over six years. The BryMar crew says they are set up for exponential growth, and they are poised to help organizations fulfill their missions. 



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