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Spreading Holiday Cheer: BryMar CPA Teams Up with Coastside Hope for Adopt A Family Program 

The holiday season at BryMar CPA is a time of excitement, anticipation, and, most importantly, giving back to the community. This year, our team was buzzing with enthusiasm as we partnered with Coastside Hope for their Adopt-A-Family program in Half Moon Bay. Our team turned into holiday elves, by helping to spread joy and warmth to over 320 low-income households in the beloved community of Half Moon Bay. 

As auditors, we're accustomed to making lists and checking them twice, but this time it was all about making a list of gifts and checking it with boundless joy. From new clothes and toys to essential food items, we gathered everything needed to make this holiday season a memorable one for those in need.

Coastside Hope has been a beacon of hope for the Half Moon Bay community for years, and their Adopt-A-Family program is a shining example of their dedication. Their mission is to provide necessities to enhance the quality of life for their neighbors, guided by the principle of "Necessities for today, Opportunities for tomorrow." Serving over 3,000 people annually, including more than 1,000 children. Coastside Hope’s unwavering commitment to compassion, integrity, and inclusivity is truly commendable. 

Their impeccable organization and tireless efforts ensure that no family is left behind during the holiday season. Special recognition is due to Judy O'Leary for her exceptional organizational skills, along with heartfelt appreciation extended to the dedicated volunteers, hardworking staff at Coastside Hope, and Judith Guerrero, the exemplary executive director. 

Of course, we couldn't have achieved our mission without the invaluable assistance of Sandy Martinez, one of BryMar's esteemed partners, and our

 BryMar's Auditing Pup_Adot-A-Family
Meet Oslo 👋 BryMar's Auditing Pup

cherished office pup, Oslo 👈. From inspection to collection and drop-off, Oslo was an integral parts of every step of the process 🐾. His presence not only brought an extra dose of cheer and enthusiasm but also served as a reminder that giving back is not only fulfilling but also incredibly fun. 


At BryMar CPA, we believe in empowering our employees to make a difference in the world around them. That's why we encourage active participation in initiatives that align with our core values: meeting timelines, fostering open and honest communication, working hard, playing hard, creating a positive environment, and being financially responsible. 


Jane Price, one of our enthusiastic team members, shares her thoughts on being part of the events fleet: "I absolutely love being involved in initiatives like Adopt-A-Family. It's incredibly rewarding to see the impact we can make on the lives of others, especially during the holiday season. Working alongside Judy O'Leary and the team at Coastside Hope was a pleasure, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to support their mission." 


As the holiday season approaches, let us all remember the importance of giving back and spreading joy to those in need. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future for everyone in our community. Thank you to Coastside Hope, Judy O'Leary, and everyone involved for making this year's Adopt-A-Family program a resounding success. Happy holidays from all of us at BryMar CPA! 



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