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Five Key Factors to Consider When Selecting an Auditor for Nonprofits and Private Foundations

Updated: 2 days ago

Choosing the right auditor for your nonprofit or private foundation is crucial for maintaining financial integrity and compliance with regulatory standards. Whether you operate a charitable organization or a foundation supporting social causes, finding an auditor with specific expertise and essential qualities is paramount. Let’s dive into the five key factors when selecting an auditor for your next audit:

5 Must-Haves When Choosing Your Next Auditor for Nonprofits and Private Foundations Image

1. Recent AICPA Peer Review PASS Score 

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) conducts peer reviews to assess the quality of accounting and auditing practices. Look for an auditor who has recently undergone this rigorous evaluation and achieved a PASS score. This indicates that the auditor adheres to high professional standards and best practices endorsed by the AICPA, giving you confidence in their abilities. 

2. Timeliness Is Key 

In the nonprofit world, timing matters—especially when it comes to financial reporting. Look for an auditor known for hitting deadlines like clockwork, ensuring your organization stays on track without missing a beat. 


3. Availability Year-Round 

Don’t settle for an auditor who disappears when tax season rolls around. Your ideal partner should be there for you throughout the year, providing support and expertise when you need it most. 


4. Expertise Tailored to Nonprofits 

You deserve an auditor who speaks your language. Seek out someone with a deep understanding of nonprofit operations and regulations, ready to navigate the unique challenges of your sector with finesse. 


5. Rock-Solid References and Reputation 

Word on the street matters. Look for an auditor with glowing testimonials from fellow nonprofits and foundations. Positive references mean you’re likely to join the ranks of satisfied clients. 


Ready to Level Up Your Auditing Game? 

At BryMar, we get nonprofits like no one else. With over two decades of experience in nonprofit audits, we’re all about meeting timelines with a smile and fostering open, honest communications. Let’s team up and focus on what matters—your mission. Reach out today and discover why BryMar is the perfect fit for your auditing needs. 


Choosing the right auditor isn't just about compliance; it's about finding a partner who shares your passion and dedication. Reach Out To Us! 



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