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Cultivating Community: Tim Burns and The Giving Fields

At BryMar CPA, we take pride in our team members not only for their professional excellence but also for their commitment to making a difference in the community. This time we shine a spotlight on Tim Burns, our dedicated Audit Manager, whose passion for service extends beyond the office. Tim has been actively involved with his family’s nonprofit organization, The Giving Fields, which is making a significant impact in Northern Kentucky. 


The Mission of The Giving Fields 

The Giving Fields has a clear and heartfelt mission: to grow fresh produce to support Northern Kentucky residents in need of emergency food assistance. This mission goes beyond just providing food; it aims to teach essential life skills in effective gardening and farming techniques. Additionally, it fosters a sense of community service, offering individuals the reward and satisfaction of giving back. 

The Giving Fields_Tim Burns_BryMar CPA

A Family Affair 

Tim’s involvement with The Giving Fields is truly a family affair. The farm, nestled on 2.5 acres in Melbourne, Kentucky, is adjacent to his family’s home along the Ohio River. Tim’s father and a neighbor, who owns the farm, were instrumental in setting up and running the nonprofit. Tim, with his tech-savvy skills, handles the technical aspects, while his sister oversees the marketing materials and spreads the word.  

“Being involved with The Giving Fields has been incredibly rewarding. It's a way for my family and me to give back to our community and ensure that fresh, healthy food is available to those who need it most. Plus, it's a wonderful way to teach important skills and values. Seeing the impact of our efforts firsthand is truly fulfilling,” said Tim Burns. 


The Row Rental Program 

One of the standout initiatives of The Giving Fields is the Row Rental program. This innovative program supplements the nonprofit’s mission by providing a shared space for community members and organizations to cultivate plots of land. The produce harvested from these plots can be used for individual consumption or shared with the broader community, promoting a spirit of cooperation and shared responsibility. 


A Vision for the Future 

The vision of The Giving Fields is expansive and inspiring. They aim to provide high-quality produce to local food banks, nonprofit kitchens, and mission homes. The 2.5-acre farm serves as a hub where local organizations can work on different plots, supporting their preferred nonprofits. This model not only addresses immediate food needs but also strengthens community bonds and fosters a culture of service and collaboration. 


The Heart of Community Service 

Tim’s story is a testament to the power of community service and the difference one can make when passion meets purpose. At BryMar CPA, we celebrate Tim Burns and The Giving Fields for their unwavering commitment to serving those in need and for cultivating a spirit of community through agriculture. Their work reminds us that with dedication, collaboration, and a shared vision, we can grow more than just crops; we can grow hope and build stronger communities. 

Stay tuned for more updates on The Giving Fields and Tim’s ongoing contributions. Together, we can all find ways to make a difference and support those in need. 



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